Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

We have been helping local companies increase visibility in search engines since 2005!

Here at LeadLocals.com we've been working with local search engine optimization clients since 2005 and we've had a lot of success since we started. Over the years we have learned, tested and optimized our processes to ensure that our clients get the absolute best possible results that we can get them.

Your business is important to you and we know the feeling, because ours is too. Our goal is to make sure you beat your competitors so that you can increase your bottom line for your company.

Why should you hire a Local SEO Agency?

In today's fast-paced world, filled with mobile devices used for making decisions for just about everything, it's important that you are visible when people are searching for keywords ("queries") to find businesses like your own. Everybody has searched for local services or products using their phones or tablets and we've all seen how Google Maps and Bing Maps work. You can use them to find companies near you that offer those products or services. 

This is where a local seo company like ours comes in. We help you improve your online presence locally so that those local searches lead to your door or phone before they find your competitors.

Local SEO services

Let's just take a quick look at some research data. 

"According to a 2016 report by PowerReviews, 82% of shoppers specifically seek out negative reviews. But, the reasons might surprise you."

"BrightLocal’s local consumer survey shows that 91% of consumers between the age of 18 to 34 are big believers of online reviews, trusting them as much as personal recommendations."

"One study published on Harvard Business Review found that for every one-star increase a brand gets on Yelp, that business sees a 5-9% increase in revenue."

Numbers are nice, but the the simple fact is that if you can't be found easily by your potential customers, do you really exist? You spend money to build your business but you need more customers to keep the lights on. We can help with that!

What do you get with our Local SEO services?

  • It all starts with a Website Audit: we want to make sure your website is free of technical errors that might prevent your site from being crawled by search engines, but we also want to make sure there are no issues with User Experience (UX) that could not just hurt potential customers/clients, but could also affect your rankings. We find and fix those issues as quickly as possible.
  • Our team also audits your Business information, known as NAP (Name, Address and Phone) to ensure that your information is consistent and free of errors. This not only helps people find you, it also helps make sure that you can get ranked higher. If anything needs to be fixed we will fix it. If you need more citations we will build them.
  • We then optimize your Google My Business and Bing listings to ensure they are not just complete, but are using the right information that helps people in your area find you easily.
  • We also help you obtain as many positive reviews as possible to help you continue to grow in visibility and trust. 

Your campaign will be worked on by some of the best SEO specialists on the planet. We have proven processes that we adhere to until we see room for improvement, which comes with our attention to detail and data. 

Along with the best service, you will get weekly reports for the following:

  • Keyword Rankings report:  so that you can see what we see. Keyword rankings show which pages are working and which need to be improved upon. If your rankings are not moving up -- something needs to be fixed.
  • Google Analytics report: you need to see improvements in Organic Traffic and we want to make sure we are as transparent as possible. You'll get reports showing traffic movement each week so that you know what's happening.
  • Email updates: we don't spend your money (time) on working on fancy reporting, we put that time into the actual work to improve your Local SEO campaign. But you will receive email updates and you can also contact us via email at any time of the day, if needed!

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