Case Study: Mortgage Broker

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We were contacted by a mortgage broker in Arizona to help change domains from a fairly strong domain (locally) to a new domain that was just purchased. This would also result in adding an SSL certificate as well. The company changed their name and needed to change to this new domain name to satisfy all parties.

Their traffic was fairly solid for a company that was just a local broker. However, they struggled to rank higher than the majority of their competitors when it came to the right keywords that would actually result in phone calls, which was what they needed more of.

2017, prior to contacting us. You’ll notice a bit of a flatline there in April. This is due to a server outage during that time.

SEO Case Study - Mortgage Broker Lender

First Thing’s First

We started off the campaign by first performing an exhaustive technical audit, correcting those issues and then backing up the site. This was done to save time and not have to deal any potential issues after the move to the new domain. Everything went smooth, just as planned.

Then we installed the SSL certificate and went through the site to ensure that all URL’s pointed to the new https:// version of the website.

After The Move to the New Domain

After we moved the domain and installed the SSL certificate we needed to start improving the SEO on the website. We performed a new website audit, including content analysis, and used that data to map out a plan, including:

  • Improving title tags — while they weren’t too bad, there was a lot of room for improvement. There were also pages with duplicate and missing tags
  • Optimizing meta description tags — there were missing tags, duplicates and just mostly useless tags that needed to be improved
  • Optimizing images — most without alt tags
  • Updating and Refreshing content
  • Interlinking content to get more keyword opportunities from within content using proper anchor text
  • Ensuring that all content was indexed
  • Consulting with owner on how to continue this if/when the contract is up

Google My Business/Maps

Another part of the plan was to improve their GMB listing, as well as Maps listings. While they had a decent start there was a lot of room for improvement(s). We geo-tagged their images, including asking for more images that we could geo-tag and use for more off-site opportunities.

We improved the actual content of the listing and also used off-site content and more citations. We also updated the older citations to reflect the domain changes and other things about the site.


The organic (Google results) traffic had not only improved since making the move to the new domain, the traffic has actually increased to the highest numbers of all-time. The business is getting more phone calls from their GMB and Maps listings as well.

Case Study: mortgage broker SEO

While the original plan was to just get the site moved, we convinced the owner to let us do their SEO for them as he mentioned before the move. Their traffic will continue to improve and we are happy to see these results.

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