SEO Case Study: Ecommerce Supplement Website

We do not expose any URL’s in our case studies.


This SEO case study is based on a health supplement ecommerce website that had never really taken SEO seriously due to their success with paid traffic and Amazon (as well as other channels).

These numbers were from June 1st, 2019 to March 1st, 2020. We started our campaign on February 1st, 2020.

Our Technical SEO Audit

As always we begin with a technical audit to find any issues that could be holding the site back. We found a bunch of little issues, but nothing we felt were causing big problems. Most of the issues were fairly typical.

What We Discovered

Most of the issues we found in the audit were broken links, lots of thin content that we would later perform a content audit (we will update this page soon).

Since the site uses Shopify we had to figure out what Apps were being used and then learn how to adjust settings in those apps to fix common problems with on-page items as well.

What We Did

Most of the product pages were lacking keyword opportunities for the actual products being listed, so we performed keyword research and used more content to help give those pages a boost. The content was placed towards the bottom to help give the page more content without hurting the Call To Action(s) for customers to order the products.

We then worked on internal linking strategies using keywords we found in our keyword research. Without going overboard we sent a handful of internal links to our product pages and cross-linked some of the blog content as well.


The site started seeing a slight upward tick and then some slight downward movement before more than doubling in traffic within a few short months. Sales are up slightly and they should continue that trend as we focus on CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) tactics.

You will notice the Bounce Rate is higher, Avg. Session Duration and E-commerce Conversion Rate is lower, however a lot of this is due to the content issue we are currently working on.