Law Firm SEO

If you’re an attorney or you have a law firm that is looking for SEO services, you’re at the right place.

We’re not another big agency looking to help EVERYONE. That would be a conflict of interest.

Our law firm SEO clients out-rank their competition and aren’t pushed into contracts by salesy “marketing agencies” that charge outrageous prices for ridiculously bad results.

Unlike the big agencies, there is no all-in-one system or assembly-line style search engine optimization system. You’re not just another number in the same city getting the exact same service as your competitor.

What would be the point? You’re both paying the same company for the same service and getting the same results. See any conflict of interest here? The difference would be if your competitor is paying more…

If you’re in a contract with one of those agencies that all of your competitors work with, do you know who is working on your search engine optimization campaign? Most likely some intern that is reading a trello board and following an exact process for each step. “Step 1: Add Website to Yelp”.

Seriously, this is what happens at most big agencies. This is why their results absolutely suck. They have no results, they have a sales process that works.

The big agencies do not care about your results, we do. We don’t have a call center with three times as many sales people than we have marketers working on your site.

Our Attorney SEO services are backed by decades of PROFESSIONAL experience, working with companies around the world. We want to see you succeed and beat your competitor. And we won’t work with 5 of your local competitors at the same time.

Conflict. Of. Interest.

We provide you with an exclusive campaign structure. You get actual planning, keyword research based on your goals, location and services. Real content optimization, technical SEO audits that aren’t based on some free report you can get online. No more social media links purchased from $5 sellers that are handed to you as a “link building campaign” you purchased for $500.

Our search engine optimization experts provide you with a comprehensive campaign, from beginning to end.

You’ll get results within 30-60 days, not “4-6 months” while pushing that contract out as long as possible.

We are not the biggest agency. We are not the cheapest agency. But we are one of the most experienced digital marketing agencies in the country that is focused on law firm SEO.

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