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The art of Search Engine Optimization takes time to fully understand. We started learning SEO back in 2001 and with testing and continued education, our team fully understands what it takes to get a website ranked higher for more difficult keywords that results in more traffic, leads and conversions.

Anyone can build a site and throw some content up on a blog. That's easy. But the reality is that content will most likely be dead weight that will actually cause issues for your site due to something called a crawl budget that helps Google and other crawlers not waste too many resources on certain sites.

When it comes to SEO the goal is to understand how search engines work, how web technologies work, how to perform real keyword research, competition research, on-page optimization, how to acquire backlinks, audit your own content, market that content, etc.

It's not as easy as you might think. In fact, you can find cheap SEO's that will promise results for a low price. Working with these people might be like going to buy a Mercedes and walking out with a bill for sitting in a waiting room instead. It's more expensive and frustrating than you could imagine. Try it at your own risk.

Search Engine Optimization goes far beyond keyword rankings and traffic. Anyone can get traffic if they try hard enough, but getting relevant traffic that meets your goals (sales, conversions, etc) is what's important.

We always start with a consultation to get to know the client, their offer (product or service), their market and competition. Once we take on a new client we do some research to investigate a few things:

  1. Technical SEO Audit -- we always want to start with this first so we can find any underlying technical issues that could be causing the site to miss out or lose rankings/traction in the SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages). This is an in-depth, comprehensive audit that takes at least one week to perform. Once we finish we will have a list of items to fix, if there are any.

  2. Competitor Research -- the next step is to get a good understanding of who your competitors are and what they're doing to beat you in the SERP's. This is an important step because without it we are just guessing. Typically the goal is to closely look at a minimum of 3 competitors, but we also take a snapshot of other competitors that may be ranking well for other keywords we will want to target.

  3. Keyword Research -- this step is where look at the keywords you need to be targeting, if you aren't already. This isn't about throwing some ideas into a tool and grabbing a bunch of keywords and then building pages. The goal is to figure out what pages should be targeting keywords you can actually rank for, while having tiers of other keywords targeting longer tail search queries.

  4. Content Audit -- they say content is king and "they" are correct. If we don't look closely at the content we will be missing out on important details. Knowing what content to improve, remove or consolidate is a major step into gaining more traction in the SERPs. We take a deep dive into your content, finding all of the indexed pages and mapping tons of metrics to each URL. After we have all of that data together we will manually look at each page and figure out if we need to fix it, get rid of it or merge it with other content to make bigger articles. Useless content can quickly bring your site down.

  5. On-Page Optimization -- after we have our Technical Audit finished, keyword research and content audit done it's time to work on optimizing each page for keywords we want to target so that we can improve rankings for those keywords.

  6. Acquire Backlinks -- once we have everything on the site fixed and optimized it's time to start looking for link opportunities to give our pages a boost. Our backlinking process is simply acquiring links from high quality sites. No Fiverr gigs to build 1,000 links quickly. We live in the future, not 2003. Everything we do will be high quality so that we do not negatively affect the authority of the site.

Our goal is to always figure out the actual needs of our clients before we even consider pricing, because sometimes we may not be a good fit for each other. During our consultation call we'll discuss your goals for your campaign, as well as take a quick look at your website, history, etc. We want to ensure that we work with clients that understand what it takes to get results from SEO and, in some cases, it might be too difficult for some companies/websites due to the niche they are in. This is why we suggest scheduling a consultation with one of our team members.

Want to see some of our case studies? Check out our testimonials page to see SEO Case Studies.

Our process is simple: we start with a comprehensive technical audit of the site, then real market and/or niche research, followed by proper keyword research to get a foundation set. From there we can easily create a strategy that suits the needs of your company. Your online presence should be your brand. We don't just get you better rankings, we strengthen your brand so that you get more customers/clients. Our goal is to build your online reputation up to the fullest and get more conversions your company needs to survive.

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Our SEO specialists are trained by the best in the biz. We take our work seriously, and we are always keeping up with the latest trends in our industry, as well as continued education to improve upon our strengths.

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Our content marketing strategies go beyond what other companies provide. We have been developing content marketing campaigns for well over a decade and have found amazing success for our clients.

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