Did Your Law Firm Hire a Bad SEO?


We’ve been involved in the search marketing industry for over 17 years now (not combined), so we have learned a lot about this industry. It can be shady, deceitful and downright ‘scammy’.

Let me explain…

Just like any industry there are a lot of people who are bad at what they do, including some of the big companies that prey on specific niche markets (ie, law firms). Let’s be realistic, if these companies hired “the best SEO’s” they’d be charging you A LOT more, because the “best SEO’s” either a) run their own agencies or b) are doing affiliate marketing.

I’m not attacking these companies, but would you go out on a date to McDonald’s with your dream girl/guy and expect that person to be super impressed? These big agencies treat their clients like McDonald’s, not partners. You are a number and you are paying for very little quality and lots of simplicity…

But then there’s other agencies that will charge little and bring you even worse results. “You get what you pay for”. Trust me, I know plenty of companies who decided to go cheap and then ask for our help to fix those problems once they realize what they did. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Not probably. It is. Definitely.

We want our clients to feel like they struck gold when they sign up with our agency. They’re partners, even if we do sometimes refer to them as clients. We want them to refer us to their closest friends so they feel the same way. Each partner we work with should fully trust us to help their brand gain more visibility in the search engines, Facebook or even websites where their potential clients hang out.

While we do serve other types of clients, we consider ourselves a lawyer seo agency. The majority of our partners are law firms and it has become our bread and butter over the years.

If you’ve been burned by another seo company you should definitely give us a shout. Call, email, whatever. Let us do a video analysis for you and show you what you need to fix, whether you hire us for that work or not. We want you to feel comfortable with our company so it’s all free of charge until you decide to sign up with us.

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Clint Lenard has been involved in digital marketing since 2001. He has worked with enterprise clients, large ecommerce clients, many law firms and even local mom and pop shops. Since 2008 he's also been using Facebook and AdWords to drive leads to clients. Looking for improvements to your client acquisition strategies? Book an appointment today!

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