Case Study: Online Video to Audio Conversion App

We do not expose any URL’s in our case studies. In this study we will also hide the dates.


We conducted a test to see how difficult it would be to rank for various YouTube conversion tools, including “youtube to mp3”, “youtube mp3” and a variety of other similar keywords. The app we used was based on a DFY script that we obtained (paid, legally) through a forum we came across when originally starting the research for this niche. We were impressed by what the script could do out of the box and decided to use this.

First Thing’s First

The budget was $10. Yes, just enough to secure a domain. We would utilize existing shared hosting. The domain we used was found based on branding and not so much on any keyword opportunities as they were all taken. Originally it was on a HostGator shared hosting account which caused problems down the line (more below).

The very first thing that was done to the site was to focus on the title tags and meta description tags on the site. Then when it was launched the goal was to focus on the multilanguage support since our research showed that a major part of the traffic for these keywords and tools are coming from non-English speaking countries. This included the content, meta tags, etc. How was it done? Google Translation services. Yes, we used a free tool to translate this content, which means that half the world probably has no clue what the content means.

This is what the first 4 months looked like. The 3rd month is when we started working on the backlink profile (see below). The traffic was pretty dead.

SEO Case Study - Audio Video conversion app



Link Building

The goal of the project was to see if we could outrank existing websites that had been firmly planted in those top spots for about 25 keywords. We did research for each main keyword (youtube related) and then took the top 3 results for each keyword. This list was pretty simple as the top 10 competitors seemed to be in the same positions for nearly all related keywords.

With this list we knew we could dig into the link profile data from Majestic, Ahrefs, Moz and various other tools to see what types of links they were acquiring and how difficult it would be to obtain them. Next we decided on just the top 3 competitors since the data seemed to overlap with the top 10 competitors, so there really wasn’t a need.

The data was then downloaded and we went to work, manually performing outreach to acquire those same link opportunities that the competition had. This took several hours per day and about 4-5 days per week, for approximately 6 weeks before we decided to stop.

1 link was a paid link that was decided on out of curiosity, although it was acquired several months after we stopped doing outreach. It cost us $5 and we noticed quite a boost.

I used this very simple email to accomplish the results of the free link opportunities, as you can see below.

SEO Case Study - Email Outreach Link Acquisition



After all of the emails that were sent to website owners, using a simple message, the results were very interesting. Not only did we end up knocking off a few major competitors, we continued to get more and more replies that verified they decided to change out the old URL to ours. One day we hit close to 50,000 visitors which forced us to move the site to a VPS.

Case Study - Video converter tool

What we realized is just how easily some of these online services can be knocked off by doing simple email outreach, consistently.

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